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Kinefac Corporation is recognized as a world leader in precision metal turning and metal forming machinery and processing technology for the manufacture of a variety of components such as high-precision double-end turned alternator and starter shafts for the automotive industry. Since 1962 Kinefac has continued to build its reputation for technical leadership in the equipment it provides to meet worldwide needs.

Kinefac machines can be found on all continents of the globe, including Antarctica. These machines produce an extremely diverse set of precision parts for many different industries and products.

Kinefac has expanded its footprint internationally as market opportunities have arisen. We have an office in Chennai, India to serve the automotive, power generation sectors and other industries.

Kinefac also has a sales office in Shanghai, China, where it has achieved considerable success by identifying distinct market niches for its products in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and transportation sectors.

Kinefac Corporation now occupies nearly 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space where it houses six corporate divisions:
• KINEFAC® Division – providing the most advanced metal forming / turning machines in the world today
• KINE-FORM® Division – providing innovative, ultra-precision cylindrical die manufacturing
• KINECOIL Division – produces high-precision, high-speed advanced CNC medical device coiling systems
• KINESPIN Division – produces high-performance industrial centrifuge machinery
• KINEPOWER Division – the leading choice for fluid power technology
• KINEPRO Division – develops and produces prototypes and unique metal form components

Since 1972 Kinefac® has been recognized as a worldwide leader in manufacturing of high precision CNC center drive turning machines.

The Kine-Turn® machine was first designed for the automotive industry where precision axial and radial dimensional tolerances including part concentricity are essential. These machines initially were of a mechanical cam design and have evolved presently to include Fanuc four axis CNC controls. Kinefac now offers a full line of Kine-Turn machines including the single end TS-21 model and the TD series double end turning models TD-11, TD-21, TD-41, TD-61 and TD-81. The TD series of Kine-Turn machines perform simultaneous double end turning of parts ranging from 4mm to 150mm in diameter and 15mm to over 750mm in lengths and provide unsurpassed shaft turning

Furthermore, these machines can be provided with an integrated part load and unload system to maximize your production requirements.

Kinefac Corporation

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