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Print Advertisement Rates

Type Size
(Height X Width)
Double Spread Non Bleed : 25cm X 39cm /
Bleed : 27.94cm X 43.18cm
INR Rs.60,000/- US $ 1500
Full Page Non Bleed: 25cm X 19cm /
Bleed: 27.94cm X 21.59cm
INR Rs.40,000/- US $ 1000
Half Page 12cm X 19cm INR Rs.20,000/- US $ 500
Quarter Page 12cm X 9cm INR Rs.10,000/- US $ 250

Special Positions

Special Position Size
(Height X Width)
Front Gate Fold Non Bleed : 25cm X 39cm INR Rs.80,000/- US $ 1500
Back Page 25cm X 38cm INR Rs.60,000/- US $ 1400
Inside Back Cover 25cm X 19cm INR Rs.50,000/- US $ 1300
Inside Front Cover 25cm X 9cm INR Rs.40,000/- US $ 1200
Thick Paper Tab (210 gsm) 25cm X 9cm INR Rs.35,000/- US $ 1100

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Why to Choose Machine Tools World?


With a Pan India circulation of 30,000 copies, a couple of thousands reaching overseas markets, and presence in all major industry events including exhibitions & seminars, we aim at establishing its leadership position by more than meeting the expectations and delivering the promises to our advertisers, subscribers and patrons.

Machine Tools World magazine has created all India wise strong brand equity & presence through participation in various exhibitions held in different states of India namely :



Machine Tools World provides 360 degree integrated marketing approach by promoting advertiser’s brand message via the means of print circulation, exhibition distribution, online promotion, P&R promotion through product write-ups or company profiling and technical articles publishing.

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