Vektek LLC

Innovators of the latest technology in Workholding

Like you, we are a metalworking manufacturer. Vektek LLC understands the demands of production and profitability. We specialize in manufacturing precision hydraulic workholding. We design and produce 7MPa (70 bar) & 35MPa (350 bar) swing clamps, link clamps, edge clamps, work supports, cylinders, hydraulic pumps and pallet fixture accessories. Our engineers strive to implement the latest technology and intelligence into the design of our workholding products.

Vektek is known, worldwide, for the reliability of our products and our extraordinary sales and technical support team. Our extensive customer service, concepting and technical support staff is dedicated to helping customers apply Vektek products and services to meet challenges for productive and reliable workholding solutions.

Vektek LLC

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3812 S Leonard Rd, St Joseph,
MO 64503, USA

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