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The Rocklinizer Carbide Application Equipment
For a large portion of the company’s 85-year history, Rocklin Manufacturing has manufactured and sold the Rocklinizer® Carbide Application Equipment. Through a proprietary electronic spark deposition process, the Rocklinizer® deposits Titanium Carbide (80 Rockwell C), Tungsten Carbide (70 Rockwell C), and Rockhard electrode (60 Rockwell C) onto and underneath the surfaces of metals, tools and dies. This hard surfacing process alleviates metal- on-metal wear, enhances gripping, maintains dimensions, and ultimately extends the useful life of machinery to delay or even avoid new equipment purchases. The newest Rocklinizer® Model 950 deposits as little as .0001” to .010” and higher onto the base material, all controllable within .0001” by digital machine setting for a precise application.

Only by changing the machine setting or the electrode type is additional wear-resistant material added.This feature results in a truly uniform coating.Unlike welding, no appreciable heat is generated, and the electrode material will not separate or flake off of the workpiece. Once the process is completed, no heat treating, grinding, or other surface treatment is necessary.

The new Model 950 offers a much faster application speed than previous Rocklinizer® feature that is ideal for coating larger parts and dies. A 5 square inch coating takes less than 1 minute via high speed settings, while the process can be slowed for more delicate operations.

A continuous duty air pump is embedded inside the unit to deliver cooling at higher settings and ensure full portability of the 16 kg unit.

The end results of the Rocklinizing® process are reliable, precise carbide coatings that prolong machine life and boost productivity while reducing wear, downtime, inventory, and costs. With the new Model 950, customers can now realize these results faster with a wider range of deposit capabilities.

The higher settings combined with the Rockhard electrode produce a rough surface well suited for gripping applications, specifically tube bending dies, collets, clamps, feed fingers, and even forklifts and non-slip flooring. Medium deposits are best for restoring tolerances on bearings and shafts and for die casters seeking to prevent heat checking, soldering, and seizing of cores.

The lower deposits are ideal for preventing slug pull in punching and stamping operations and extending the life of cutting edges and tooling.

As the electrode is deposited over the same area via the rotary applicator, the Rocklinizer® is merely filling in gaps but not adding more materials to existing deposits.

The MoldMender Micro Welder
The Rocklin MoldMender Micro Welder delivers simple and cost effective mold and die repair in-house through a low heat, non-arcing welding process. Instead of sending molds out for repair or scrapping them prematurely, the MoldMender allows you to fix scratches, imperfections, pin holes, parting lines flashing, and other mold and die imperfections.

No prior welding experience is needed; the MoldMender permanently welds metallic ribbon, wire, paste or powder on a wide array of ferrous mold and die materials. Due to the low heat generated, adjacent areas are protected, which is not often the case with more traditional welding methods. Once the repair is completed, you can finish the weld through your preferred process. In just a matter of minutesof using the MoldMender, you have a brand new mold.

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