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ActCAD CAD Software

ActCAD CAD Software

ActCAD is a 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling CAD Software for  Architects, Structural, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical Engineers and other Technical Consul... Read more

ActCAD is based on USA based IntelliCAD Technology. We also have technical collaboration with Dassault Systemes Spatial Corporation. All codes and technology used are 100% genuine and legal. The copyrights of all programs are owned by ActCAD and its Technology partners. We pay Royalty on each license to our Technology Partners for using their codes or libraries. In some areas we use Open Source and Free technologies with prior written permissions. ActCAD is trusted by thousands of Customers from all over the World.

ActCAD uses most latest technologies from ITC, Spatial, ODA and other partners. Apart from this, our internal Developers work on most latest technologies to keep in pace with competition. ActCAD has Check of Updates feature which will enable to download and install our maintenance releases and patches automatically with a simple click. We frequently release patches with periodic improvements and bug fixes without waiting for huge major releases. We also accept Enhancemnt Requests from our valuable customers and business partners to improve products.

ActCAD costs only a fraction of cost compared to other Professional Grade CAD Software available in market. ActCAD licenses are Globally valid and Self-License Transfer is possible from one computer to another. There are no restrictions on number of transfers. Float your License globally over internet. ActCAD has very familiar interface, commands, icons, shortcuts, menus and aliases for very quick transition. No special learning needed. Our highly experienced CAD Developers and Support Engineers offer best-in-class e-mail technical support even for complex problems.

Actcad Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd

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ActCAD Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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